Sunday, February 13, 2011

Well that certainly won't do.

I sat down with the intention of posting in a thread on my guild forums. That thread was a get to know each other thread entitled "Let's Discuss Ourselves!" What began as a simple task turned into a bit of rambling, and ended up being in no where near the direction I was interested in it going. So here it is, my first blog post on a site I feel will never have many followers.

I am 6 days from 29 (at the time of this post.), I am older than most my instructors, and the people that are supposed to be considered my peers are barely gaining the right to legally drink. The bulk of my social circle is in academia and under the age of 25, as such I tend to date young. My last three girlfriends (I hate that title.), have not been old enough to drink. I tell people I am an English Major, but that is the simple explanation, I am a writer, but not the kind most imagine. I am a Composition Theory Major, I study academic writing and the essay. I have a passion for the written word, and several opinions on it that are not necessarily popular. I have ADD, I drink, I game, I write. Yet none of this actually describes me with any meaning. Words on a page are designed to cause a person to think, to analyze, to attempt to understand. Trying to explain a person in simple words suggests that they are capable of being captured in a medium that many have devoted their lives to trying to master, and have fallen to wayside without ever achieving the level of understand they originally sought. So let's try to get this back on topic. I am Andrew D. Snow, I am a writer, a gamer, a lover, and a space cowboy. Pens are amazing, good paper a must; and yet I still cannot write as much as I should. My life is blessed, my journey is fun, I am a Snow, and that is a title more than it is a name. I wear my name with pride, as a badge standing out against the darkness.

I am Snow.
I Write.

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